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C-section pack

Take up the Caesarean surgery drape, find out the human-shape marking, tear off the release paper, aim the hole at the surgical site to adhere, gently press it to make the incision drape closely adhered to skin, and spread it to left and right. Find out the arrow marking, spread the drape towards the head and foot along the arrow direction, drape to the head direction needs to stride the head shelf or to clip on the infusion shelf, unfold the liquid collecting bag, gently press the hole's incision drape to make it closely adhered to skin, then shape the liquid collecting bag.
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Product Description

Disposable Surgical Caesarean Packs C - section Drape Pack Non - woven Surgery Device


  1. For the clinical operation of a one-time use of health protection, which can effectively avoid secondary infection.

  2. PE film+nonwoven fabric,SMS,SMMS (anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-blood)

  3. Adhesive Incise Area

  4. 360°Fluid collection Pouch, Foam band, with Suction port/as request.

  5. Tube holder

  6. Armboard Covers

Common material
PE film, SPP, SMS, SMMS disposable non-woven 
Adhesive Incise Area
Fluid collection Pouch, Foam band, with Suction port / as request.
Tube holder
Armboard Covers


Blue / Green

EO sterile package, 1pack / bag, 10packs / carton or customized
Expiry date 
3 years
OEM / ODMAvailable



Disposable Caesarean Surgical Packs Size  Quantity
Caesarean drape200*300cm1pc
Hand towels40*40cm2pcs
Instrument table cover150*200cm1pc
Baby wrapper75*90cm1pc
Reinforced surgical gownsL size2pcs
Wrapping cloth100*100cm1pc

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