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By - Pass Surgical Drape

By pass surgical pack is used in the operation room for by pass surgery, the product is no irritation, no toxicity and inodorous,no side effect to human body. Can be used to improve efficiency and safety of surgical procedure, meanwhile Reduce the risks of cross infection
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Product Description

1. SMS , SMMS material : Composed of 2 layers of spunbonded fabric and 2 layers of melt blown fabric .material can be Anti-Alcohol, anti-blood , anti-static . antio-oil , with good tensile strength , high filtration , lint free , breathable .

2. Dual -layer material : Viscose +PE , Hydrophilic PP+PE

During operation, the top layer quickly absorb any type of liquid , and the PE film prevents absolute liquid penestration.

3.Trilaminate Material : Viscose+PE +PP , Hydrophilic PP+PE+PP ,

A combination of Spunbond PP+PE film + absorbent Viscose , Absorbent in top layer , fully liquid resistant in middle layer and pp fabric in contact with patients' skin 



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