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ENT Pack

As we know modern surgery has developed to such an extent that the body of knowledge and technical skills required have led to surgeons specialising in particular areas, usually an anatomical area of the body or occasionally in a particular technique or type of patient.
There are ten surgical specialties and this briefing covers otolaryngology, or ears, nose and throat (ENT) surgery.
Our sterile ENT surgical pack was designed for those surgeons and patients, and widely used around the world.
To help patients cope with or recover from diseases that impair the senses of hearing and balance. This surgical device is necessary.
After surgery, they will also be concerned with the functional aspects of breathing, eating and speech.
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Product Description



1. Split sheet drape :Creating a sterile surface on the skin which acts as a barrier to prevent skin flowing to the incision site. Provide double protection for surgery part.

2. Side drape: Prevents cross-infection between the operation part and patients when covering the patient.

3. Instrument table cover: Parcels the accessories in an operating instrument pack, or as a table cover on which the medical instruments arranged when taken out from the pack.

4. Reinforced gown:Worn with high protectiveness, which can prevent the penetration of liquid, such as blood, alcohol and grease.

5. Op tape: Used to fix the ducts and drapes during surgical procedures.


Sterile ENT Surgical Packs Size Quantity
OP-tape 10*50cm 2pcs
Hand towels 40*40cm 2pcs
Side drape, with adhesive 75*75cm 1pc
Side drape, with adhesive 150*175cm 1pc
Instrument table cover 150*200cm 1pc
U-split drape 100*150cm 1pc
Reinforced surgical gowns L size 2pcs
Wrapping cloth 100*100cm 1pc


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